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“Don’t worry. When the rain stops, rainbow will rise.”


■ Somewhere is

a sound app that provides you with soothing and healing sounds created with various sounds from around us such as weather, place, and season.


■ Use

Changing mood, relieving stress and tension, taking a break, enhancing concentration, inducing sleep, putting a baby to sleep, meditation, yoga, studying, reading, working, creative activities, etc.

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■ FlashMob is

a smart and easy flashlight application for concerts, clubs, sports games, candlelight-rallies and flash mobs.


■ There are many times when we come together with strangers at a place. These strangers together go wild about the same musician, cheer the same team, dance to the same rhythm, or cry for the same idea. Together, we share the same enthusiasm and thoughts gathered in one place. FlashMob was developed as a tool to actively express such thoughts and enthusiasm.

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“Capture all the world’s music in a single dot”


■ DotPlayer is

an interactive music-player which allows you to decide the playback order of music tracks by adjusting the position of dots or distances between them.

 “Create, link, edit, move dots”

You can link a dot with a music track or connect it with an album, artist, or playlist that you’ve created on your own. A simple gesture of dragging a dot in or out of Play Range will add or remove a playlist. You can also reposition Play Controller and adjust Play Range. Create your own, special music playlist in DotPlayer.

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Do not hesitate and contact the developer.

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